The brand name TELA originates from the weave of woven fabrics (TELA in Italian); its characteristic feature is the simplicity of construction, which - though simple - implies a texture. Like the brand concept: minimal and feminine at first, but based on trend and product research. Genuine and tasteful.

TELA in Italian is also the canvas of a painting, of a picture and as such, is also the expression of a mood, of a feeling and of an art. In the jargon of tailors the word TELA is used to name the first prototype, through which you have the idea of the final result of the garment. The concept of TELA has got intrinsically also an idea of versatility; think of it as a material which can be dyed, washed, printed, torn, ironed etc. In short TELA is equivalent to a new project as the concept of a book to a writer, as well as a canvas to a painter. This does not mean that the project is anonymous nor generic but that it expresses its potentiality.